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Quote from our latest Ofsted report in June 2019

“Children behave exceptionally well. They always have an excellent understanding of the routine and staff expectations”.



The routine should be viewed as a guide, as our full days are flexible and spontaneous, where the interests of the children are followed. This is both on the premises and when out at Forest School.


8am to 9am: Breakfast Club

9am: Morning starts

12pm to 1pm: Lunch time

4pm: Home time

5pm: Chill Out Club home time


9am: Children arrive at Pre-School. The children are brought together on the Bug Rug for the Good Morning Welcome circle. The children say good morning to the teachers and their friends. During the circle time we discuss the plans for the day.


  • If we are staying on the premises for the day the children are free to choose from a wide range of activities and join in activities relating to the Pre-School theme. The children free flow between the inside and outside learning environment whatever the weather.

  • If we are off to Forest School the children will be supported to put on appropriate clothing for the weather and gather together around the Fire Square in the garden to pack the tools and equipment with the adults, ready to head out for the day.


10.30am and 2.30pm: A healthy snack is provided.


  • If we are staying on the premises, the Snack Bar is open. The children take turns to come and have fruit/vegetables/crackers and a drink of water or milk. Water is available for children to help themselves to throughout the day.

  • If we are off to Forest School the children have a group snack. The children sit together for crackers/breadsticks/biscuits and a drink of water or hot chocolate. We prefer not to provide fruit at Forest School, as fruit can be wet, sticky and cold on little hands.        


12pm: Lunch Time


  • If we are staying on the premises, we provide a cold lunch. A cold lunch typically includes a variety of sandwiches, a vegetable and savoury platter, followed by a seasonal fruit platter. On some occasions we like to cook a hot lunch on the campfire in the Pre-School garden.

  • If we are off to Forest School, we provide a hot lunch cooked on the campfire. A hot lunch typically includes rice, couscous or pasta, with vegetables, tuna, chicken or sausages.


After lunch has been eaten the children enjoy stories and a rest time, helping their food to go down. Some children may be laid down for their afternoon nap.


1pm: Children are free to return to revisit their morning activities and or join in an activity relating to the Pre-School theme.


3pm to 3.45pm:


  • If we are staying on the premises the children help tidy up the inside and outside learning environments and then join together on the Bug Rug for Song Time before going home.

  • If we are out at Forest School the children gather together in a counting circle and walk back to Pre-School. The group reviews the map of the Polesden Lacey Estate and woodlands to recall their day.


4pm: Home time

5pm: Home time for Chill Out Club children.


Children’s personal care and needs including nappy changing, toileting and sleep times takes place in accordance with the individual child’s needs and not only in accordance to the Pre – School routine.

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