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Learning Experiences


Children at Bus Stop Pre-School experience learning through play no matter what the weather, where all age groups from Birth to 5 years play and learn together with no group or room divides. As a team we aim to facilitate the children’s learning and understand that we are the children’s resources, guides and role-models.


We always say that the curriculum at Bus Stop is hidden; the team knows it is there, but the children are unaware.


Our Inside and Outside classroom


When we are not out at Forest School or on a trip the children’s learning through play is fostered through our well-equipped inside and outside classroom.


The continuous provision has been developed to be inclusive for every child and their individual needs and abilities. Children free flow between the inside and outside environments whatever the weather.


We use natural resources within the inside and outside classroom. We are mindful to reuse and recycle, creating an environment free from plastics where possible.

Bus Stop Preschool garden

Children at Bus Stop have space to be creative, to run, climb, balance, build and to take risks. They have time to explore loose parts, think critically, mark make, use their imaginations. They have time to develop their own ideas, work as a team, make links and revisit learning. They have places to be quiet, cosy and to reflect. 

Indoor Classroom

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Outdoor Classroom

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Trips out within the local Community and Community Events

Children at Bus Stop get to experience trips out in to the local community, supporting the children’s understanding of the world, as they learn about what goes on in their communities and learn about the people who live in their community.


The trips include annual trips, Community events and spontaneous trips linked to current themes.

Visiting the eldering residents at Keswick Care Home in Bookham at Harvest time

Keswick CareHome 1.png

At the local park


A tour of Polesden Lacey House at Christmas time


At the Green Grocer buying vegetables

Grocer Snip.JPG
Keswick Snip.JPG

At Bookham Library


Walking back to Pre-School after watching The Dawnay School's Christmas Show


At the Cafe, having a yummy hot chocolate


Bookham Village Day Parade

Village Day Parade 1.png
Booham Village Snip.JPG

Sponsored Walk, raising money for the NHS Epsom Hospital - Maternity and Children's Department

Hospital Snip.JPG

Spending the day in Bookham Village

Bookham Village 2.jpg
Bookham Snip.JPG

Supporting Transition to Infant School

During the Summer term we organise visits to the local Infants Schools supporting the oldest children as they move onto School.

Visit to Eastwick Infants School


Visit to Polesden Lacey Infant School

Polsden Lacey Infants.png
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