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Forest School Stay and Play Sessions


Would you like to give Forest School a try with your child? Why not come along to one of our Stay and Play sessions and enjoy the fresh air and a little piece of mindfulness.


Stay and Play Information

  • Sessions are 9.45am – 11.45am on Fridays, term time only.  Dates are available termly on our Stay and Play Dates page and on our Instagram page at busstopforest.

  • Sessions are £10 per session for 1 parent and 1 child. £2 for each additional child.

  • There is no need to book, sessions are pay as you go – Cash only.

  • The sessions are appropriate for children aged Birth to 4 years.

  • Grandparents, Childminders and Nanny’s welcome.

  • A hot chocolate or tea/coffee and snack are provided.

  • The sessions take place in a woodland inside the Polesden Lacey Estate, called 'Part of the Kitchen Garden'. Please see our Stay and Play Dates page for the directions. 


  • Parking is available in the National Trust carpark. National Trust members park for free.

  • Before joining a session, please read the Health and Safety guidance at the bottom of the page.











Stay and Play Areas

During the sessions, you and your child/children will have the opportunity to explore the mud in the Mud Kitchen, dig for worms in the Digging Area and enjoy climbing and a balance on the logs. You can hunt for bugs, spot the Birds with the binoculars or you might like to simply relax in a hammock and read a story.


Every week the Forest School Leaders will have a focussed activity for the children and adults to take part in.

Mud Kitchen

Digging Area

Story Area


Toilet tent & Tippee tap


We aim for sessions to be relaxed, where children and parents/carers can follow their own interests.

9.45am – Everyone to gather at the gate, leading from the Lane, a Forest School Leader will lead the way into the Forest School area.

Everyone to gather around the Fire Square and recall the Forest School rules. Forest School activities for the session will be demonstrated by a Forest School Leader.

10am – You and your child are able to freely explore the areas. If you wish, you can join in an activity led by a Forest School Leader.

10.45am – Time for snack, drink and a chat around the Fire Square.

11am – Children to return to their play.

11.30am – We gathered once more around the Fire Square to share thoughts and feelings about the morning and to suggest ideas for the next session.

11.45am -Time to say goodbye.


The Fire Square


Health and Safety Guidance


If you would like to come along to one of our sessions, it is important that you read the guidance below. Your support is required to help the Forest School Leaders keep everyone as safe as possible.


  • Your child/children must be accompanied by a parent/carer during the session. They remain the responsibility of their accompanying adult at all times.


  • Remember to follow the Fire safety and Tool safety rules in place, as instructed by a Forest School Leader.


  • Every effort is made to check the area for poisonous flora before a session starts, but please remember not to pick, lick or eat flowers, fungus, berries or leaves, you and your child may get sick/poisoned.


  • Remember if collecting sticks, to keep them down low and remember not to run with them. Running is not encouraged in the area. Be mindful, as you step over logs and sticks, and look out for low hanging branches.


  • Remember to dress yourself and your child in appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather and the forest terrain.


  • Remember to stay inside the boundary fencing during the session. The entrance gate must be kept closed during the session, to prevent children from leaving the area unattended. If you need to leave the area before the end of the session, you must tell a Forest School Leader before you leave, remembering to close the gate behind you, checking that you are not followed by another child.


  • Please do not attend a session, if you or your child is unwell with a high temperature, heavy cold or sickness and diarrhoea.    


  • If you or your child has a medical condition and or suffers from allergies, please let the Forest School Leaders know and ensure you bring along appropriate medication to use in the event of an emergency. If you or your child begins to feel unwell during a session, please tell a Forest School Leader.        

  • Personal Care and Toileting - Within the Forest School area there is a toilet for adults and children to use, a nappy changing area for the little ones and a Tippee tap is available for handwashing.

  • Mobile and Electronic Free Zone - Please keep your mobiles away as much as possible. You are welcome to take photos of your child, whilst remembering to be mindful not to photograph other children, unless you have permission from their adult. If sharing on social media, remember to protect the identify of other children and parents/carers enjoying the session.

  • If we have to cancel a session, a message will be posted on our Instagram page at busstopforest. A session may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, in the event of an emergency, if the Polesden Lacey Estate is closed and or if the Forest School Leaders are absent.

  • The sessions are led by two qualified Level 3 Forest School Leaders.


  • First Aid – In the event that you or your child require first aid treatment, a first aid kit is available. The Forest School Leaders hold up to date Paediatric First Aid and Mountain and Outdoor Pursuits First Aid training.   


  • Safeguarding – The forest is a safe place. If you would like to talk, the Forest School Leaders have attended appropriate safeguarding training and update their training every 3 years.


  • Food Hygiene - The Forest School Leaders hold up to date Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety certificates.


  • Risk Assessment and Risk Benefit – The area is checked before every session for hazards and every effort is made to reduce the risks of hazards, however hazards may arise during a session. If you spot a hazard, please tell a Forest School Leader.


  • You will be required to complete a sign-in sheet on arrival, providing your name, child’s name and an emergency contact, for use in the event of an emergency. Also, you will be asked to sign, that you have read and understood the above Health and Safety information. Sadly, if the safety guidance is not followed and parents and children are putting themselves and others at risk, they will be asked to leave the session. 

  • When arriving and leaving Forest School, please take extra care to stop, look and listen for vehicles before stepping out onto the lane and remember to hold your child/children's hands and walk together.


Extra Information

  • £5 charge for each additional adult accompanying a full paying family.

  • Please do not bring hot drinks into the Forest School area. A hot drink will be provided around the Fire Square during the session.

  • If you prefer to bring your own snacks, please be aware of allergies in others. We are a Nut free group.

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