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What Parents Say…


Harper says: “It does not matter what the weather is, just put on your wellies and raincoat and get outdoors”. She loves it. (Emma and Leischa, 2019).


“Bus Stop is so much more than an incredible Nursery and pioneering Forest School, it is one extended family who all care for one another. And it’s not just about the children; its about the Mums and Dad as well”. (Jantina, 2019).


“George and Theodore love taking their learning outside. They are now much more imaginative when they find ‘treasures’ on our walks in the wood”. (Alex, 2019).


“My daughters have learnt to love nature and respect our responsibility in being kind to our planet. Bus Stop provides the right framework and I refer to the staff as leaders in their field who consistently go the extra mile”. (Kerry and Mark, 2019).


“Rosie’s 2 year Anniversary and she still hasn’t had a sick day. Hooray for all the lovely fresh air and healthy woodland walks”. (Heidi, 2015).


“Every week something new seems to appear in the garden for the children to sit on, hang from, hide in, touch, smell or generally wonder at” (Susan, 2015).

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